Company Profile

Capital Services Ltd. trading as Capital Pest Control was set up in 1991 for providing pest control services through efficient and trained workmanship, high quality and reliable products, safe and effective systems in accordance with international standards and, a dedicated effort towards overall client satisfaction achieved by delivering a pest free and therefore hygienic living or working environment.

The Company’s role is limited to providing pest control services for client servicing and distribution.

Outline of Activities

The Company provides various pest prevention and control services in industrial and commercial premises such as factories, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, banks, offices, ships/yachts as well as in households and residential areas.

The primary objective of the service is to control and if possible eliminate pests and preventing infestations ideally without the utilization of any biocides. This is done by incorporating an IPMP (Integrated Pest Management Program) system. In effect this consists of identifying signs of pest infestations and conditions which attract pests or provide food, water, access or harbourage for them on site. An IPMP is founded on an initial Pest Risk Assessment and the allocation of various monitors in strategic high risk locations. This may consist of placement of an adequate number of apposite stations in or outside the premises. In spite of these measures one may still have to consider applying an application of selected biocides (pesticides) around pest entry routes in order to subdue any possible infestation after due consideration is attributed to the health and safety of occupants and only after all other prevention options have been exhausted.

As part of the IPMP service the Company also identifies the cause of infestation and advises on any further action that needs to be taken by the client towards better pest prevention measures such as proofing, hygiene or housekeeping. This is normally achieved through submission of documentation which is left on site for inspection and records. Food and pharmaceutical company clients take this documentation very seriously and also require it for auditing purposes.

The service can briefly be summed up as one which is aimed at ensuring a healthy environment in the home or workplace by elimination or exclusion of various pests which by their nature are carriers of disease and pose a threat to an individual’s health and business. The service is therefore a direct contributor to the smooth running of industry.

Another essential service offered by this Company is a pest risk assessment of clients involved in hygienic production or preparation of food for human consumption and the environment in which it is prepared. Again here the importance of the service in the provision of health safeguards such as from germ-laden pests in an environment where utmost hygiene is essential.

Aiming at high client satisfaction has always been one of the Company’s strongest commitments. This is achieved by having a good mixture of the right basic ingredients in the running of the business such as

  1. Trained management and dedicated operational staff
  2. Reliable systems and high quality products originating from reputable sources
  3. Good communication between contractor and client
  4. Provision of a pest free service at reasonable prices

Our achievement as a service provider is clearly reflected by the ever growing number of local clients from varied industrial and public enterprises, hospitals, hotels, shipping, banks, offices and households.

Manufacture and Products

During the years Capital Pest Control has established healthy relations with several of the leading foreign brands of pesticide materials, control products and material distribution equipment.

The Company has been a front-runner in health/hygiene conscious applications employing child tamper-resistant rodent bait stations and scented glue traps, and was also the first to adopt the Action Reporting System which gives the client first hand written information on the prevailing pest situation on his premises, details of action taken and recommendations on what can be carried out towards pest prevention such as through more hygienic practices, better housekeeping and proofing of the premises.

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